Luminoso Analytics

Quickly surface key topics of conversation, drivers of sentiment, and trends, and identify the conversations that matter to both you and your customers.

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Find insights more quickly

In this fast-paced world, every moment matters. Luminoso Analytics processes data in minutes, not days - allowing you to begin surfacing insights right away.

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More accurate and intuitive results

Luminoso Analytics is grounded in the latest research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, resulting in analyses that hit the highest industry standards in accuracy.

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Expect the unexpected

What you don't know you don't know can hurt you. Analytical approaches based on keyword searches can miss relevant, but unexpected, conversations. Luminoso Analytics starts with your data and identifies topics from there - so you can find those unknown unknowns.

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Keep the customer voice at the forefront

It's easy for your customers' voices to get lost in a sea of data. Luminoso Analytics finds overall topics and trends while keeping individuals' feedback visible and useful.

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As global as you are

Luminoso Analytics can natively analyze data in eleven languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

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Implement in the way that works best for you

For ultimate analytics flexibility, take advantage of Luminoso Analytics' API. The software is also available as either a cloud-based application or an onsite solution.

Make the most of your data with Luminoso Analytics


Capture and analyze feedback from anywhere

Regardless of channel or language, Luminoso Analytics has you covered. Connect to unstructured survey data, call center transcripts, web chats, online blogs and forums, and other sources of feedback to make sure your customers and employees. Our software automatically understands cultural connotations and idiomatic associations in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


Make understanding agile

Within minutes, Luminoso Analytics identifies key topics, meaningful connections, and trends in your data. However, it doesn’t end there. Your data is ever-changing, not static, and your deep analytics solution should be just as flexible. Analytics uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically adapt to dynamic and evolving unstructured data. It learns new words and terms using context, just the way humans learn, freeing you from building time-consuming lexicons or taxonomies. Our software builds on its knowledge as more data is collected, making it easier to understand your customers and employees.

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Report on your terms

Luminoso's flexible outputs and intuitive dashboards make reporting and sharing easy. Drive organization-wide enlightenment with Luminoso Dashboards, or create reports with Tableau, PowerPoint, other data visualization tools.