Illuminating your data with artificial intelligence

AI and natural language processing (NLP) have made it possible to uncover higher-value insights in your data more quickly. Here's how Luminoso helps make that happen.

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Quickly uncover insights

Get value out of your data more quickly by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly process and find the conversations you care about. Start analyzing your data in minutes, not days.

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Find the unknown unknowns

Our software starts with your data and identifies important topics from that - instead of searching for verbatims that fit a proscribed keyword list. Find the conversations that you didn't know you should be looking for.

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Cutting-edge technology

Artificial intelligence and natural language processing make it possible to analyze unstructured data more quickly and accurately than ever before. Luminoso bases its software on the latest research in these fields - and pushes the boundaries itself.

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Humanize your data

Your customers are human; don't turn them into data points. Luminoso's software finds relationships and insight in your data while never losing sight of the person behind the comment.

Luminoso Analytics Dashboard

Luminoso Analytics

You can't act on insights if you can't find them in your data. Use Luminoso Analytics to quickly surface key topics of conversation, drivers of (dis)satisfaction, and trends, and identify the conversations that matter both to you and to your customers.

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Luminoso Compass

Luminoso Compass

Data is streaming onto companies' servers at ever faster rates. Make sense of all that information by using Luminoso Compass to automatically categorize and track key topics in your streaming data.

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